Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we go again...

I wasn't happy with the last blog I had so I decided to start all over. I want to attempt to be better at letting people know what's going on in our lives without having to rely on phone calls, text messages, and email. So here is a quick run-down on the latest goings-on of the Abel family:

Hannah, Jonathan, and Andrew were with us this past Christmas and we all had a great time. I was very sorry to see them go, but look forward to seeing them again this summer.

Victoria is enjoying preschool still and has recently been enrolled in a Musical ABC's class. She has taken the Phonics class three times now, and has improved greatly. We just figured that, since she loves music so much, it would help her with phonics if there was music involved. We'll see how it goes.

Charles was supposed to be placed for his student teaching, but the placement fell through at the last minute (literally). We are still hopeful that he will get a placement for this semester, but prayers in this department are welcome and much-needed. The good news is that we discovered he can start his student teaching as late as the first full week of February and still graduate, the bad news is that the time between now and then is getting smaller very quickly.

As for me, I've had a very difficult beginning to 2010. We found out that we are expecting baby #5 (due date is 09/05/10). On top of that we also discovered that I have an ovarian cyst that, until recently, had grown to 9 cm. While surgery to remove the cyst would not hurt the baby, the anesthesia for the procedure could. So we opted to avoid surgery and chose to have it drained instead. They were able to shrink the cyst this way down to approximately 2 - 3 cm, with the understanding that it can always fill back up. I'm hoping this won't happen as I've already had to lose 2 weeks' worth of work over this thing and I just started working again. Again, prayers are most welcome and much-needed!