Monday, March 22, 2010

Puddle Jumping

This evening, after dinner, Victoria (who had already been excused from the table) came back upstairs wearing her new rain boots. These boots are black and yellow striped and look like bumblebees - complete with eyes and antennae. Since it had rained all day she was excited to try them out for the first time (she got them on Friday). I told her that we would go and look for puddles but that she needed her coat first.

Anyway, there weren't any puddles on the driveway as originally thought; so we decided to take a walk down the hill to look at the flowers and find some puddles to splash in. Almost at the end of the street, we found this really big puddle and she loved it! She had never actually gotten to jump in a rain puddle before, so this was new and exciting territory for her. Needless to say she got very wet and quite muddy by the time the splashing escapade was over.

Watching her I realized that splashing in puddles is one of the great joys and pleasures of childhood. I fully intend to jump in puddles more often with my children so that I, too, can enjoy childhood again.

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